Why Me? Why Now?


Why Me Why Now?

You are being called upon to do something positive, now is the time to start. If you have been alive in this country in the last few decades, you have to see that we are on a trajectory that isn’t for the greater good for us or our planet. Extremism on all fronts has overtaken reason, poverty has grown and the middle class is sputtering for breath. Meanwhile we are embroiled in wars, we are fracking the earth to extract natural gas at a great cost to our environment and we are poisoning our rivers and streams while we ship bladders of fresh water overseas. Our system of stability is shattering, unless we do something we are destined to suffer greatly, and lose more than ever before in our history.


World wide people are suffering.

The planet is suffering. We are reaching the end of oil, the end of manufacturing, the end of our ability to take care of our own. Look around, watch the news, and all you get is a sea of issues that show no hope of getting better. Can we continue as a species when we refuse to take care of our own? Can we guarantee the safety of nuclear weapons that are unaccounted for on a world wide scale? Can we remain a voice of peace when in our own borders strife is starting to take its toll?


I know this is a spiritual blog, but I also want it to be a practical blog.

We cannot face and conquer the problems we have allowed to be created when the majority of us have our heads in the sand. This is why now is important. This is why the planet cries out to see her people fed and for hope be the provenance of the masses. We are in crisis, and no amount of kumbaya is going to make that go away.


We have some hard turns to make to right this ship.

We better get on the wheel or we may not survive at all. Great societies have risen and fallen across history, great societies have been ripped asunder before due to intransigence and neglect. We are not special in the annuls of time. I do not want to alarm you, but we have a lot of work to do.


I believe in our ability to make things better,…

I believe in humanities ability to rise above, to lift all boats, to provide a base of existence and security. But I also know that there is a battle going on. I see the results of it all around me. Those of us who want to see a world where peace is normal and life is cherished need to get with the program.

That is why now.


So, why you?

Well, why not you? We all have the ability to awaken to spirit, we all are born with the physical mechanics of psychic ability. We all are given nudges from spirit to act on these abilities, to use them for the betterment of us all. So why not you? I know it may feel like a scary thing right now, I know that these new concepts and new challenges may seem foreign to you. But they are you. And we need all of us to steer this boat right. We need to use what we know to bring about changes on a planetary scale.


I call the forces that work against us “the apparatus”

I call it that because it is unnatural, and an appendage placed upon us, it is not of or from human nature. We created it, we feed it, and we need to turn our backs to it. The poisoning of our planet, starvation of its people, raping of our natural resources for short term profit does not have to be the norm. It is not natural. It is not human nature. It is not us. This “apparatus ” has been attached without our knowledge or explicit consent, our consent has come in the form of allowing. We weren’t paying attention. We did not see the harm. We were distracted. We gave away our power. Well, spirit has a way of waking us up to ourselves. The world has a way of protecting itself, and this does not necessarily include our survival. Actually, the planet would go on quite nicely without us, so I ask, why do we deserve to be preserved? What have we done to alleviate the stresses put upon her?


If you have been awoken at this time…

it is because of this is a critical juncture in our evolution. Personal development is great when you have a planet and a society in which to prosper. Our times do not afford us this luxury. Now is the time, and you have been called upon to wake up.


Every light that awakens at this time is precious.

Every soul that hears the call and answers at this time is vital. Do not languish in self doubt, so not linger in self-delusion, do not run away from who you are, because we need you. The wonderful thing is it doesn’t take much to tilt the balance in our favor. We do not need to take up arms, or take to the streets to make this happen. All we need to do is open our minds to the possibility of a better future, and to live our lives in accordance of who we truly are.

So welcome, we have been waiting for you. We are glad you are here. Keep reading, learn something, and become an active member of the warriors of light.


Why do I feel different?

In the grander sense you are not different. All of mankind is much larger then we know, more powerful then we perceive. Perhaps you feel the need to be more loving in your relations with people, perhaps you are growing tired of the perceived power evil has over our world. Perhaps you have realized that you can see or feel or do things that others around you cannot.

That is because we are evolving. At this moment in time we are in the early stages of birth, and these perceptive abilities are unequally expressed in our population. So it is only logical that you can feel isolated. You may have experienced things that you do not understand, cannot explain or even feel able to talk to about to another human being. This also can make you feel isolated. If you are reading this then you already know, I am just here to remind you. That you are not ever, ever alone. There is a loving force that is inside and all around you. These loving forces in the Universe are there waiting to be talked to, recognized and worked with.


It is up to you to choose.

I use to see my life as “happening to me”, when I learn to cooperate in the co-creation of my life in tune with spirit it is like the Tao, which means “the way”, it is like water following the path of least resistance to the ocean. I have to constantly remind myself that I get to choose. I get to choose to do the more loving thing, the thing whose time has come or to not. There is a deep level of love open to you by searching within. Ask questions, read the great religious and scientific texts of the world, gather the ideas that make sense to you and develop your own perception.

Above all, if you are lonely reach out, there are others like you, you are not alone. Choose with love, choose to be loving, educate yourself, remember to have fun and to spend time with the other humans that remind you who you are.



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