We are all Cosmic Warriors



What is a Cosmic Warrior?

It is a term I made up to help me feel powerful when making choices that are difficult to make. We all have areas in our lives where it is easier to “go along to get along”, whether it be at work, amongst friends, or in our families and communities. It may be well and good for me to practice my inner discernment and knowing when I am alone, but when pushed into a situation that makes me have to be different in a group, I want to fall apart.

So instead, I remember that I am more then the person standing in front of you. I am a consciously discerning and choosing force for good! I realize that “going along to get along” is what caused us to end up with the world we have, and I want better for all of us. In order to get a better world, I need to start to make choices right here right now where I stand. I know that it is in the small things, the everyday things, where I can have most impact in my life and that by doing these small but hard things I am helping to create a world where more and more people feel free to do the same.

So, I made up a creed to follow. Things that I declare to myself when faced with a chance to do differently.


Creed of the Cosmic Warrior

1) I am larger then I know.

I am more then the flesh and blood you see before you. Even though I forget it at times, I am a multidimensional being having a human experience. I decided long ago that Love is the Only Law and since I know this, I have chosen to incorporate this truth into my daily life.

2) I am not alone.

Though many of us have fallen short of ourselves from time to time I know that it is up to me to right my own ship. I also know that I am never alone. Whether it is the support of a friend, or guidance from my inner compass I never have to decide anything without discerning how I really feel and proving it to myself.

3) Every step I take leaves a path for another.

Often when I make the choice to stand apart I am pleasantly surprised to find there were others in the group that felt as I did but did not know how to say anything. It has happened enough times that I have learned to go ahead and stick my neck out. If I find that I am alone in my thinking I probably don’t want to be part of where that group is going anyway,…and that is perfectly OK.

4) The discomfort I feel is temporary.

I like myself, and I like my own company. Therefore whatever happens I know that the discomfort I feel in acting on what I believe is temporary. Being true to myself is worth more to me then losing the comradeship of or admiration of any outside person or group. The discomfort passes if you are true to yourself, the regret I feel by “going along to get along” lasts a lot longer, (sometimes for life).

5) It truly does matter what I choose.

This philosophy is not a joke. We are seeing the results of “just going along” with others, or measuring ourselves by what others think, all around us. Every thought and word and action is added to the mass consciousness and reflects back to us in the world we perceive. It truly DOES MATTER what you choose,…so, be a wise chooser and never assume it doesn’t matter, because it does.


When in doubt remember,…

we are all Cosmic Warriors helping to transform the collective consciousness of the world we perceive. Be kind, be forgiving and most of all be conscious choosers to act on what you know now!



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