Are you a New Light?



What is a New Light?

Its a term I use to describe the transformation that is going on in our mass-consciousness. One by one people are waking up to the idea that they don’t want to be going the way we are going anymore. It is as if a light switch is being flipped in people’s brains and suddenly everything is just different. Things you use to measure your worth by just don’t seem to satisfy, your tired of always hearing bad news and suppression all around you, you look up one day and realize that the life you built doesn’t fit, your point of view has shifted, your perspective has changed and now you wonder what has happened and what does it all mean.

Or perhaps, like me, you have just had enough. Enough of worry, enough of doubt, enough of sadness or anger, you have just had enough and you are willing to find a way to live without it.


Am I a New Light?

Each New Light is precious. No matter how big or how small your light, it adds to the overall illumination. If a grumpy person learns to be more content with his world,…this adds light. If a person who hurts others to feel better themselves suddenly realizes that their desire to control through fear is useless and learns to better channel their inner discord,…this adds light. If a person starts to choose actively in their life rather than go with the flow,..this adds light. If we each just started to be truly present when listening to each other,…this adds light.

No matter how small the light, it adds to the ever increasing illumination. But we have to start where we are now. If we all just turned up our dimmer switches one notch this would immediately be a better world to live in. We don’t have to become monks sitting under a tree, we just need to become more aware of the every day choices we make and learn to choose better. We all can do it. Therefore every one of us is a potential source of new light, and that makes every one of us precious.

So, the short answer is, “Yes,… yes you are”.


There is also a lot of New Lights being born.

A lot has been written about the Star children. They have been called Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal, and Aqua. They have been described as spirits from other realms born into human bodies with the expressed mission of raising our planetary vibration. They are said to be brilliant, peaceful, speak with great poise about themselves and as having a knowledge of things beyond their years. From what is written about them, their experience here so far has been a positive one, a transcendent one, but I have the inkling that this is not true for all of them.

I have a feeling that hidden behind every confident Star child, is a child that is having experiences with the unseen that doesn’t know how to deal with it. They may have trouble in school, they may have trouble articulating why they are so restless or agitated, or they may just be depressed or sad.

It isn’t just the Star children we are talking about. Delores Cannon, an experienced past life hypnotherapist, writes of what she calls “Volunteer Souls”. Over the years of her practice she began to run into people that could not remember a single past life on our sweet Earth. During these past life regression sessions they instead described previous lives in other worlds, lives on other planets. (You can find many interviews with her on the subject by searching YouTube). Her theory is that at least three waves of such souls have volunteered to be here at this time, adding to the balance of light. That these souls have answered the call from planet Earth, for the Earth is in crisis and is sounding the alarm to the Universe.


Equally, I also believe that many adults,…

are suddenly having experiences they cannot explain. It is as if a light switch has been flipped “on” in their head. If this is you, perhaps you are getting visitations from relatives who have passed, or suddenly you know when the phone is going to ring before it does, or you can now see colors around people like a halo. Often it is difficult to integrate such experiences into our daily lives. “My friends would think I am crazy”, “My religion forbids me to believe in such things”, they might say. Many such people cannot allow their minds to accept or explain what they have seen. They may even fear they are going insane.


Whatever the reason for you being here,…

you are seeking more light. Whether you just want a better world, you are answering an inner call, were born for the first time on our planet, or are suddenly finding yourself having experiences you cannot explain, you are perceiving a change within you. What you need to know is that you are not alone. Many such “new lights” are being awakened on our planet at this time. I believe it is because now is a critical time in our development as a species. We are on the brink of a great evolution in body, mind and spirit. We stand on the precipice. We have exited the birth canal, cut free of our cocoon, but now the whole Universe is watching, hoping, that we will take our first breath.

Will we rise as a people and choose peace? Will we feed the hungry and cloth the naked? Will we join the other races of the planet in one united peaceful cosmic family? Or, will we succumb to the apparatus of control, buckle under the weight of the world we have created and roll over and accept our fate as something less then what we are capable of.


Remember you are in control.

Even if it doesn’t feel that way, it is true,…but control is a muscle, you must work on it. You must “work it out” and find the limits of who you are. My hope is that, through understanding this better, you will choose to avoid plunging yourself into denial and darkness, and instead you will join the multitude of lights awakening on this planet and help dial it up a notch.


Are you being called upon to shine a little brighter?

Then I am here to encourage you to answer that call. The earth has cried out, now is the time, and she needs you,.. “All Hands on Deck!”



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