The “Grand Illusion”


The concept of evil, The “Grand Illusion”

The only creative force in the Universe is Love. Our true nature is one of Love. Even though each of us has inside us this ‘great potential’, this ‘wonderful all presence’, some of us choose not to express it. This absence of love is what we perceive to be evil. Human beings deny their true selves in a myriad of ways. There are many shades of perceived negativity, but the underlying cause is always fear.

There is a fear of ‘not enough’, a fear of being unlovable, fear of others as predators, fear of failure, fear of a great many things. These fears result in a myriad of big and little manifestations of negativity. Each time we let fear rule us we cut ourselves off from the source of “All That Is”. This cutting oneself off from our true nature can result in greed, discrimination, war, famine, disinterest in the quality of other human lives, a disregard for nature, an ungratefulness of spirit, all of which we perceive as negative.


What do I mean by the term “Grand Illusion”?

First, let me say that I do not like elevating negative perceptions to the place of being ‘grand’. It gives it too much energy. But I use the term not in the way that means “better then all others of its kind” I mean it in the way of meaning “large”. This is indeed a large illusion as it is a shared common human experience. We all perceive negativity in one form or another. So therefore I have settled on the word ‘grand’ to incorporate the mass-ness of it in our mass-consciousness.

This “Grand Illusion” is the result of a collective acceptance of the false idea that evil and powerlessness are an inevitable part of the human experience. This doesn’t have to be true, as a matter of fact, this is not true. But we, by the law of free choice, have let ourselves agree with this illusion, and therefore it has substance in our world. We brought evil to this world by denying the larger truth. We allowed evil into this world by not knowing and acting on the Law of Love in all things. Now the illusion is as real as we collectively have let it be, it has form and can seem to at times have power over us. It has become part of our collective consciousness. It cannot be wished away, it must be rooted out and replaced by a new understanding.


This is not entirely our fault.

Spiritual power and enlightenment has too long been the sole property of the elite in our societies. The day to day work of toiling in the fields needs to be done or the people do not eat. Not everyone can dedicate their lives to the study of how spirit works. In ancient tribal societies this spiritual stuff was left to the shamans and spiritual leaders so that the hunters could still do what they needed to do to keep the tribe alive. At this physical level on this planet life feeds upon life, so we must participate in the act of taking life. And as humans so expertly do, we divided the labor amongst us. The people were given as much as they needed to know in order to walk a life in balance. For example, they were taught to be grateful so that animal life was not taken lightly. The people were given just enough to understand the importance of spirit and the use of ritual to alleviate their fears, but they didn’t always know the deeper meanings behind it. We entrusted this knowledge to be the role of our chosen spiritual leader, this trust was well earned at first but now it is used against us.

Over time this understanding of the Law of Love and the workings of spirit became the exclusive right of the initiated. The wall between workers of spirit and those who just lived their lives became more concrete. Over time this separation became a tool for accumulating power into the hands of the few. A tool to control the masses and keep them in a state of fear, which then fed the perception that we were not in control. So, slowly over the centuries, mankind forgot what he knew about his inner relationship to spirit and left that work in the hands of the few. Some of these anointed ones abused that privilege and stopped sharing what they knew except with the ones they deemed worthy. This has led to the development of hierarchies of the church, to secret societies, and to the development of an “apparatus” that has attached to us like a vampire squid, living off of our labor and feeding off of our fears.


Many prophets and teachers have come to show us that this isn’t so.

Jesus came to teach us that Love is all there is and that the perception of a creator is meant to be a personal concept. We were to pray in private or in small groups, we were to treat our neighbors as ourselves, to work on our short comings. Not to build churches and hierarchies that stand between us and our personal perception of a creator. Yet as soon as Jesus died there were men in positions of power trying to hoard the knowledge of what he taught, to twist his messages to insert themselves between the masses and their perception of the “All That Is”.

Mohamed came to echo the same teachings as Jesus, he came to us to correct the wrongs of early Christianity. Mohamed came to show us that things had gone astray, he came to try to set it right. But as soon as he died there were powerful men who also twisted his teachings to wield control over the masses.

Buddha taught us that each of us must delve within and root out our own evils through meditation and contemplation. We are meant to each of us struggle with the suffering of our lives and come to a better understanding though a greater truth, and once achieved we were not to put ourselves on pedestals, we were not to elevate ourselves above the rest of mankind. Buddha taught that to release ourselves from the wheel of Karma we had to reach this level of understanding while alive and spend our lives acting on it. And yet, even in Buddhism there are those who were taken out of society to learn his teachings, and the rest grew rice to feed them.


The concept of acting through discernment is not complicated.

However, through this process of making spiritual knowledge exclusive to the elite it was shrouded in symbology. Parables, puzzles, paradoxes were developed to hide the true meanings in layers of confusion. If we knew that all of the worlds higher teachings boil down to just a few basic concepts it would be easy for all of us to understand. (And difficult for others to control us).

Knowledge was also layered in symbols for protection. Competition for control of power has led many with greater understanding to be persecuted. Therefore, it was much easier to maintain the teachings in symbols which could be hidden in plain sight, to write them in a language of paradox to keep them safe.

Wars have been fought in the name of religions. Powerful men have led us to hate and to look down upon others in order to save ourselves. The truth is that none of this had to be real, we suffered the “Grand Illusion”. We let others put themselves between us and our pursuit of enlightenment, we let ourselves be convinced that another man has the key that we desperately want for ourselves, we convinced ourselves that this is a difficult thing to achieve.

The greater truth is that it is available for all of us. The greater truth is that we need no one to show us the way, we need only to look inside and heed the messages Love reveals to us. We need only to perceive the love and abundance that surrounds us and act upon the law of love. There is plenty for us all, there is no fear, there is no lack, there is only the lack of enough love to share what we have with others.


Our wonderfully reflective world,…

is eager to provide us with plenty of ways to unlearn this false idea. Drought, famine, war, poverty, hatred and fear are all here to allow us to fully experience “The Illusion” for ourselves, to experience it till it hurts, so that we may consciously choose to make it different. When enough of us accept the possibility that this is true, it will change the collective consciousness and things will just be different.

The hardest part is admitting to yourself that this may be true, to turn away from a lifetime of indoctrination that has fed you full of fear in order to maintain control. Ask yourself this, do you believe in a world of lack or a world of abundance? Is the god you believe in the kind of god that is jealous? Hateful? Would the “all that is” lead you into war? Would The Law of love tell you to selfishly hoard food and watch another starve? If the world you believe in is bigger than that, grander than that, then why are you listening to those who try to put you in a box and keep this better way of living from you? Why are you listening to these tiny little power obsessed men?


We have to release ourselves from this outdated thinking.

We have to raise ourselves up and release the fear that we have been fed. Turn our backs on the noise and confusion they propagate in order to divide us and turn us against one another. We need to accept that there is another way. A more loving way that we have the power to choose. And then, one day, this new wonderful world will just be.


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