What is Knowing?



Knowing is,…

separate from knowledge. Knowing is separate from faith. Knowing is an unmovable force within you that is rooted in stone. We “know” the sun will rise in the morning, yet this wasn’t always so. Many ancient peoples held ceremonies and sacrifices to continue to bring the sun up every day. Now we know different. Science has proved to us that which we already experienced. The sun rises everyday because our Earth is a ball spinning on its axis, as we turn towards and away from the sun we experience night and day. We have sent satellites into space which show us this is true, anyone can log onto Google Earth and see for themselves this is true. We no longer doubt this anymore then we doubt our own names. This is knowing.


Knowing as a spiritual truth…

is as important as discernment. It is one of “Three Markers of an Awakened Life“. Such knowing can be told to you by another, but until you prove it to yourself to be true it is just a belief. Knowing is a personal embodiment of certainty. It requires a decision, a finality, a choosing that cannot be shaken by a temporary lack of evidence.


What is it that you need to Know?

What is it that you need to internalize before you are immune to the “Grand Illusion“? There are many things you will come to know over time, but there are a few that I believe you need to wrestle with first. They are; knowing that Love is all there is, knowing that we are in control, and knowing that we have free will. Let us take these one at a time.


1) Knowing that love is all there is

This one is confusing because we live in a dichotomous world. We see lack, we feel fear, we recognize evil, and to us these things seem real. But I am here to tell you that this is not so. Evil is the just the embodiment of fear. Fear is the absence of love, and darkness is the absence of light. Light and Love is all there is. Any manifestation of its opposite is an absence of love and light, not a truth of its own. It is a “Grand Illusion”. (Though it can feel pretty real to us in the material world who have to deal with our mass creation of it.)

The source of that love and light is constant. So constant in fact that scientists and physicists have begun to be able to describe it. They call it, Zero Point Field, or Zero Point Energy. It is a constant field of energy that exists when all other energy is removed from a system, it is a rippling fluctuation in a vast field of potentiality that gives rise to all forms of matter that we see.  (The human heart produces its own zero point field, want to learn more? Watch Heart Field.)

It has been called many things by many people throughout time. This ‘constant presence’, or, ‘constant pure potentiality’ we have called God, Allah, The Great Mystery, The Void, and by many other names. I call it The Source. The Source did not create evil, The Source did not create fear, The Source did not create darkness. We did that. The source is a wave of pure potentiality and it feels really good when you tap into it whether through meditation, contemplation, computation, creation, or supplication.

Imagine for a minute a dark room full of blackness, full of shadows. Now imagine that you light a single candle in this room. My, how quickly the darkness fades! How fast blackness is replaced by color! Can you say the opposite? Can you go into a room filled with light and create darkness? Only by blocking the light!

Love and Light is the only truth, all manifestations otherwise are products of a “Grand Illusion”, or ‘mass-delusion’ that we have allowed to take form. As we own up to our part of its creation and begin to learn to choose differently through love, we become more aware of the difference and we begin to take baby steps towards turning the tide of our mass consciousness towards a better life for all.


2) Knowing we are in control

This one is especially hard when we are still susceptible to fear and doubt. How often do we give away our control to others? How often do we give ourselves over to feelings of unworthiness? How often are we convinced that we cannot change a bad situation? How often are we seduced into just giving up? More often then I want to remember from my life.

I spent years thinking that I was broken, unworthy, and less than enough. This idea of being in control came to me as a knowing only after years of rooting out the weaknesses in my character. I had to admit that I was in a bad situation by my own hand, by my own choice and decide to face the unknown and move on. I had to let others step all over my ego, all over my will power before I began to realize that I was the one allowing them to do so. Life wasn’t something that just happened to me, I was letting it happen.

This idea of being in control means that I start to do and say the things that reflect the stuff I know now. If I know now that love is the only law, and I affirm that to myself, then it is up to me to also realize when I choose to reflect that knowledge or when I deny it. When I decide which side to fall on I must understand that it is I who am doing that. And admit, at least to myself, that it is always within my ability to choose differently.

Until I truly embodied the truth that I was in control I gave my control away all the time. I gave it to my boyfriends, I gave it to people in authority, I gave it to people who seemed more adamant then me. I still struggle with this to this day. Every time I do something new, doubts raise their ugly little heads, voices whisper in my mind that I will not succeed, I should just let it go.

I just learned to choose differently. I now choose what is more loving, and I brush doubt away from my shoulder and out of my mind. I replace fear with anticipation, I replace doubt with trust, I replace feelings of not being enough by affirming that we are all enough, each one of us, and that I am not alone.


3) Knowing we have free will

This is an extension of knowing we are in control but it is larger. We all have free will. All of us. Some of us will choose paths that you may see as negative, but you cannot change the course of another’s path. You cannot fix a person, change a person, or cure a person of something they have feely chosen for themselves to be true. All you can do is be an example, all you can do is provide a signpost marking a different way. All you can do is water seeds.

Until a person freely chooses to embrace wiser teachings you have to respect their autonomy. Hard things sometimes happen in our lives in order to make us look for a better way. We “allow” ourselves to be afraid in order to choose to dispel the darkness. Because of our free will, we have to ask for and be open to a better way in our lives. A better life cannot be forced upon us. (Though, we are often coerced into allowing others to influence us, but “not choosing” is still a choice).

For many years I got caught up in trying to make other peoples’ lives better. I put my own desires aside to make others happy, to fulfill their thoughts about me, or to support them in achieving their goals only to be left behind when they did. I don’t remember saying “no”- and meaning it – until I was in my mid twenties. So many tears I have cried asking “why me?!!” Why am I left again and again when there was no more use for me? When would it be my turn? I had to awake to the concept that I was denying my own autonomy.

I had to realize it would be my turn when I created it for myself. I had to understand that I was not denying another by acknowledging myself. So now I choose to embark on new challenges, now I choose to learn from others without having to suffer through things alone, now I choose to ask for help when I need it and not just sit in silence cursing the world. But most importantly I have learned to become an active chooser, and not a passive “allower” in my life. Until I got this concept I denied myself.


How do you jump from belief to knowing?

You start by accepting that there might be something to it.

1) Love is all there is.

2) I am in control.

3) We all have free will.

By opening to this perception the Universe will begin to race with methods and circumstances for you to either confirm or deny it as true. So, once you let it be possible that there might be something to this you need to start acting on it. You need to start acting as if these things might be true. Act as if “Love is the Only Law” and circumstances will begin to happen to you in which you can test this knowing, act as if “You are in Control” and you will be given opportunities to prove it to yourself. Life is funny that way. Every time you are faced with the choice to accept or deny these truths, reaffirm them to yourself, and choose accordingly, your strength will pay great rewards.

It is like a child who fears going down a sliding board. No matter how much you cajole them into trying it, no matter how much you tell them that it will be fun, all they see is fear. So you wait until curiosity gets the best of them, you wait until they see other kids enjoying going down the slide and loving it. Cautiously they will approach the slide, this is them accepting that it might be possible that this may indeed be fun! You support them in this decision and stay close while they confront their fears. As they climb the steps you speak words of encouragement, when they get to the top you let them pause and take it all in, you allow them to choose the moment when to let go and slide down, and you are there to catch them when they land. Soon this child is the first in line to go up, they can’t wait to go on the slide!

Spirit is like this with us, they wait till our curiosity gets the best of us and we let in the possibility that what they have told us is true, then they let us set up the opportunity to test this knowledge, they stay close and speak words of encouragement, they let us decide the moment we let go of our old way of thinking and they are there to catch us and congratulate us when we land. The process may be scary, but we do not go through it alone.


 What’s the big deal?

When you can begin to grasp these three concepts and start to practice them in your daily life and with your everyday encounters, at the very least, the world would be a less hostile place. What if enough people started to act like this so that you bumped into each other every once in a while and your dealings were refreshingly honest and pleasant? What if enough people began to act upon these three simple truths so that it became the more normal way of being and “getting away with the margins” was obsolete?

The big deal is that we have been doing the exact opposite for a very long time! And look where that has gotten us! We have allowed one tiny compromise of our ‘better knowing’ after another tiny compromise of our ‘better knowing’ into our lives. We have created this “shadow self” we see reflected back to us in the mirror. We have built this world of fear and lack and hate, and now time for us to clean it up!


However, please remember, this is your journey.

Your soul will nudge you in the right direction for you. Always choose the path that brings you more light, more love, more understanding and you will be fine. Accept nothing at face value, instead allow yourself prove it to yourself.


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